A-toodz A minor Level 1

A-toodz “Jammer” Level 1
Try these exercises to build up your lick and trick vocabulary. Learning and practicing these kind of “pentatonic” (5 note) phrases will help you develop muscle memory that will then make your playing and improvising in the modern styles sound more authentic.

All 1st position. Simple rhythms feature only quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes with a few triplets.

The optional Level 1 Warm-up uses all the first position notes within the key. If this is too difficult for you at this time, skip ahead to the actual Level 1 exercises, which start out easy with only single string phrases before progressing on to double strings and some cool riffs and tricks.

“Call & Answer” audio track lets you hear the “teacher” play a phrase first, then you play the same along with the “students.” Those who can not yet read staff music notation can try these by ear, or, even if you can, try this to train your ear further! Another useful option is to improvise your own “answer” to the teacher’s “call.”

When ready try playing straight through using the “Play-Thru” audio track. Use your own tempo changing software (like “Riffmaster Pro” available at a 40% discount to Fiddle Jam Institute members) to slow down or speed up to suit your needs.

Available lesson materials: download & printable chart, Call & Answer audio play-along track, Play-Thru audio track, video instructions.

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