Adjusting the video resolution for better streaming

Many of you may already know this, but in case you do not; when viewing any video that is hosted on YouTube (like most of my Fiddle Jam Institute video materials are), if you have a slow connection and the video is taking a long time to load, or stopping frequently, you can try this trick: In the bottom bar of the video screen (it appears when you run your mouse over the video window), on the right side, between the “subtitles/CC” button and the “theater mode” button, is a “settings” gear icon.  Click on that and then the “Quality” menu, and adjust the quality of the video to a lower setting.  These settings will use less data and therefore load faster.  As far as I know, by default, YouTube videos automatically set at the highest quality).  Yes, you will loose a little video quality in the process, but I’ve found that even the lowest quality is still fine to see what I have to show/teach you in most cases.  We’re not looking microscopically at much of anything here… the bow goes up, the bow goes down, sometimes the fingers wiggle around a bit, and you listen to me blab… ;~)  Hope that helps.

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