Angeline the Baker

Hey!  That’s not Bluegrass!… yes, that is true… you tell ME what style it is! …a good tune is a good tune, and can be re-interpreted in any number of ways.  That’s my good friend Michael Ward Bergman on accordion… we are calling this group “Viordion”!?!

Description: One of my personal favorites.  I tend to prefer the simplicity of the more old-time tunes for their deeper danceable grooves and simpler underpinnings.  The melody on this one is made primarily of the D major Pentatonic scale and features the same 3 notes over and over.  Some might think this one as “dumb”… I kind of agree, but dumb in a fun, simple, and joyous way!  Since it does not end on the tonic note, I recommend listening to the recordings as soon as possible to get a better sense of the tonality of this song (this helps you get the tune in your head better).

Jamming: As stated, primarily D major Pentatonic, though adding G notes to the mix works in spots too (there are 2 G chords in the form).
Trouble shooting: Try to copy the feel of the tune.  Don’t be afraid to play repeated motifs (the melody does).
Advanced: Can you make up your own “fancy” version to this tune?  Try to work out a “show-off” melody that you can throw in before coming back to the actual melody!

Non-members: Want to learn how to play this tune?

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