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A-Toodz Drone Tracks

Use these tracks to help “ear-center” your A-Toodz practice sessions. Example: Working on the E minor Study?… at first play along to the E drone track without a beat, and when you feel that you are ready, try it with the beat-ed Loop version… too fast or slow for

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Truck Talk – How To Practice

How to Practice is a question that is often NOT asked, but should be.  Learning efficient and smart ways to practice can exponentially accelerate your progress!  It’s not just about practicing HARD… and I found out that the hard way! ;~)  I share my stories and thoughts on this subject

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A-Toodz Bonus Access

this is a test to make sure the membership settings are correct only membership to “A-Toodz Bonus Access” membership Level Category Atoodz (this could maybe be confusing as all the book’s posts will then appear in the auto sort lists for atoodz??) testing worked fine for g.fitz.perry 11/19/17 turn this

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Truck Talk – Practice How Much?

Here’s a talk I recorded while driving again.  This one is all about practicing… how much, when…. and most importantly with focus and the most effective attitude to get the most out of your (limited, for most of us) time!  I hope you enjoy.  Let me know.  Please feel free

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