Beethoven Minuet in G

One of the most BLUESY melodies Beethoven ever composed!  It always sounds half drunken to me with all those 1/2 step wobbles… so, I decided it might be cool to give it a bluesy back-up, in this example, a cajun/zydeco effected accordion, played by my friend Michael Ward-Bergman and some added rock n roll effects on the fiddle; primarily a blend between straight violin, distortion, and the motion sensitive HotHand automatic wah effect (hidden under my bow hand).

Viordion project demo:

I posted online that Sinichi Suzuki probably just “rolled over in his grave!”  I hope re-interpretting Beethoven doesn’t insult too many folks.  I’m betting that Beethoven wouldn’t mind! …I just can’t help myself… it’s engrained in my nature it seems.

In this version, we actually stayed pretty close to the arrangement that millions of Suzuki students have learned (see volume 2 #11) EXCEPT the additional improvised flourish at the beginning and jam in the middle which is handled primarily with the G Blues scale (more details below).

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