Blackberry Blossom

Here’s a great intermediate Bluegrass fiddle tune that is a favorite at pickin’ sessions. Tek: Nothing but 1st position notes in G major, but you’ll need knowledge of low 2 fingerings (G natural on the E string and C natural on the A string) and must be comfortable using your 4th finger (B on the E string) to do this tune efficiently.  Playing the G major scale across two octaves is a good prep for it (you’ll see in vid’s that the melody uses chunks of the scale at certain points). Overview: Scan through the various lessons below to get a grasp of the many ways there are to learn this one (by ear, by reading, etc…).  Also included are a number of lessons/approaches for how to improvise over this song (jamming: 101, 102, 103, etc…). Have fun!

Video Lessons Below: 1) Intro to the tune and lessons, 2 & 3) Learn the melody by ear (A & B sections), Lead sheet views: 4) 75bpm, 5) 120bpm, 6) 180bpm, 7) Geoff’s performance, 8) backing track, 9) Jam 101, 10) Jam 102, 11) Jam 103, 12) Chop lesson.

Intro to Blackberry lessons

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