Blues Violin Course Available NOW!

Hey Fiddle Jammers!
Yes, it figures… the day I want to launch a new product my internet would go out!  Ha!  That’s the way it goes sometimes I guess, but here it is, a little later than I had hoped, but now available in the Fiddle Jam Institute Store in two versions: Full and Express.
1) The Full and Complete Blues Violin Course, will start out by giving you access to Module One’s 21 Blues Primer lessons and the first full Song Lesson from Module 2 right away, with a new Song Lesson being released once a week after that for this 12-week inaugural run.  The Song Lessons themselves will feature a deep dive into all aspects of the song that will include learning the melody, harmony, backing parts, bass lines, theory, improvisation and more.  I’ve created each song “In-The-Style-Of” famous artists and made it easy enough so that a near-beginner will be able to play and jam with glee, but also have included elements for the advanced violinist too. Check it out in the store here: Early-Bird Special Pricing almost 45% off!
2) The Express Blues Violin Course 1 will give you all the same elements as the Full course, but only in a 4-week, 4-Song version for a much smaller price.  There will be a future option to purchase more lessons later if you want to too.  Check that out here:

The Blues is where all the cool stuff starts!  If you desire to be a part of the non-Classical violin/fiddle worlds, this is one of the best ways to get there!  The Blues has been the main foundational influencer of all popular music for the last 100+ years!  This will be a course like no other on the market, created just for violinist/fiddler’s like you!  Check it out and let me know if you have any questions by sending a comment via any contact form on the site.

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