Circle of Fifths Loop Track

Here’s a cool loop track that takes you all the way around the Circle of Fifths, each five notes away from the one before.

Why is this a useful study?

The Five (V) to One (I) cadence, or chord movement as been a dominant motion in music for the last 400+ years.  As a matter of fact, the “V” chord is usually called the “dominant” chord!

In layman’s terms, the V chord is the strongest “second last” chord we can have in chord progressions and always wants to move or resolve to the I or “tonic” chord.  

Music from the early 1900’s forward is FILLED with strings of chords that are all 5 notes away from each other.  This was especially prevalent in the 1930’s-1940’s American Songbook “Standards.”  Because of this, it is a useful thing to practice and will surely come up somewhere for you.

Here’s the track.  Below I will talk about some ways to practice with it…


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That should keep you busy for a while …like maybe a lifetime or two!!  ;~)
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