Classical CrossOver Fears Truck Talk

Here’s another Truck Talk about the fears some Classically trained musicians, who might desire to get “hip” and not be so tied to the written page, have to face.  As you might guess, most fears are fairly irrational at their core and are usually quite unfounded.  In this 20 minute talk, I tell of my own experience and ways I’ve found to help players who fit this mold, to adapt all the great technique and skill they may already have, into alternative fiddle styles, that they can then have fun with for the rest of their lives! … especially, as you might guess from me, as it pertains to improvisation!

I hope you enjoy.  Please leave me your comments and thoughts below.  I love to hear what you think!

PS: as of late March 2016, I’m thinking quite a bit on developing an actual Classical Cross-Over course.  I’d love to hear if this interests you and would also love to hear about what things you’d like to see me cover in such a venture.  By all means, feel free to send your thoughts!


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