Clinch Mountain Back-Step

Clinch Mountain Back-Step
Pure old time blues scale stuff!  The melody is nothing but A Blues scale.  Hope you enjoy.  It’s one of my personal favorites!

Note: “PLPP” = “Pot Luck Pickin’ Party” a full band version with jamming.  Check the possibilities out!

Jam-along: A blues scale will do. Two EZ-Zones are possible in this key for this song! 1) = 0, 1, 3 on G & D strings.  EZ-Zone 2) = 0, L2, 3 on A & E strings.  Use either or both in any fashion you think sounds good, but most of all… Have fun!

Advanced: Notice on the slow version that the 1st & main guitar chord is A minor.  I did this on purpose as to not “throw” your ear off, as the melody to this song is minor based.      The actual tune (represented first in the medium speed version) in in A MAJOR… yes, that’s right minor melody notes clashing against the major chord harmonies in the back ground!  This is a trademark of the Blues idiom in general… ain’t it cool?
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