Country Music Lessons

Country Music.  Yes, this is another one of those very wide style categories that encompasses many sub-genres, isms and schisms!  You may see some of the same lessons in more than one category because of these styles overlapping so much.  

It is my opinion that today’s modern Country Music is basically what Rock Music morphed into!  Producers and artists just stole/borrowed Rock music sensibilities, added more home and family oriented lyrics, and an occasional pedal steel and fiddle (lucky for us!), and gained the hugest audience in music today!

These lists will auto-update with each new lesson post that I make, so feel free to let me know, by using the comment section below, if you think one pops up in error, or would best be in another category and we can change the tagging behind the scenes.  Thanks for being a part of continual FJi development!


Country & Western

Memphis Country Blues Bluegrass Old Time Fiddle Country-Rock Folk Fiddle 
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