E minor Tabla Jam

Here’s a new one I created in GarageBand for a student’s Call & Answer session recently.  It worked very well for her!  This particular student is a super-smart teen who is going to college early and has a very developed left/logical side of her brain… so much so that she has zero trouble understanding concepts but actually letting them go and playing music to a beat while reading songs is difficult for her without excessive stops and starts!  As might be somewhat expected, all-out improv seems frightening and possibly a bit pointless to her, as she has seen little value in her own creations so far.  A “Call & Answer” session seemed to be just what the doctor ordered for her though!  By listening to me play first it took the stigma off her thinking her own creations as “dumb” or not good, but still gave her the experience of playing music with the right brain concepts of feeling a beat, listening to phrasing in time, and hearing internally (not just externally).  Wonderful stuff!

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