Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter 1-13-16

Welcome to another installment of the Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter! 

Topics: 1) Your 2016 Musical Goals, 2) Sugarfoot Rag Lesson beta test offer, 3) School Store-wide sale, 4) iFiddle Magazine column, 5) New Truck Talk, 6) Updated Free Club log-in page.


1) What are your 2016 goals?  Mine are to get FJi going in a much bigger way!  I can only do this if I really am hitting the mark(s) for what your needs are.  So… I’m asking…what are they?  How can I help you achieve your musical dreams?  What bugs you?  What terrifies you?  What situations make you the most uncomfortable?  What kind of gigs do you dream of effortlessly being ready to handle?

I have another Truck Talk coming on this subject.  I will post that sometime this coming week.  I have opened up a new blog post where you can feel free to comment all you want to!  Please do!  Don’t be shy.  Your comments and questions may be EXACTLY what another person needs too!

Please click here to give me/us all your input on what problems I can help you solve!

2) Sugarfoot Rag: As I wrote about in the last issue, I have re-formatted this lesson as an individually sellable item in the School Store.  I think it turned out pretty good and could be the model for others like it in the futre.  I still would like some feedback/beta testing though.  I’ll give a FREE COPY of this lesson to the first 10 people to contact me about this and are willing to thoroughly test it, making sure all the features work (audio tracks play on your system, video links work, etc…).  It is a $7.99 value and on sale now for only $4.99… but again free to the first 10 to contact me about it saying “I want some sugar!” in the comment form below. ;~)

Check out the Store Lesson on Sugarfoot Rag here

3) Speaking of the School Store, while I was in there doing edits, I went ahead and put many items on sale.  Including discounts on private webcam lessons with me and uploading my latest album tracks with a free bonus track not found on the CD.  Check it out!   School Store

4) iFiddle Magazine: I have committed to continuing my relationship with my friend Mike Spear’s iFiddle Magazine and will contribute a monthly article for them.  January’s issue was just released 1/12/16 and includes my article called “Blues Scale Magic.”  I think it came out pretty well.  It features 10 super EZ & common scales that all share a couple equally super-EZ two-finger patterns.  Blues scales are your entry into the Rock n Roll jamming worlds, for sure.  I’ve also posted this lesson within FJi.  You can click here to view that entry.  Subscribing to iFiddle Magazine is free, and I’m honored to be included with the great violinists/fiddler’s that Mike regularly interviews!

5) New Truck Talk!  With recent successes on a couple of my beginner YouTube videos (for one example see Violin Scratch & Squeak: How Not To” with 75,000+ views!), I’ve been thinking on finally bumping more beginner materials up my ever-present to-do list. I got on a roll about it on a drive recently.  This one is about meeting the needs of beginners and giving them a good healthy musical foundation… Fiddle Jam Style!  Click here to check the new Truck Talk out!  Please feel free to send me your comments and thoughts!!

6) New Free Club Login Page: I almost forgot!  For those of you in our Free Fiddle Jam Club (and not “All Access Pass” members who login to a different “My Dashboard” panel when logging into FJi), I now have a new entry page for you with direct links to the most popular FJi features.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

It seems that every entry in this Newsletter is asking for your responses this time!!  Please do!

Talk soon!


PS: If the contact form (that is supposed to be below) does not appear in your browser, click here to send me a message instead.

Remember, if you ever want off of this list, just let me know!  I’m not looking to spam anyone with unwanted inbox intrusions.  I’ll most likely be sending this out a couple times a month as we head into this new phase… maybe just a little more when there’s something new going on.  Till next time!


FJI Newsletter, Vol 5 #1, Jan 13, 2016

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