Fiddle Jam Music Mechanics 101 Course Re-Release!

It’s back!  After it’s initial month-long members-only run in 2014, the Fiddle Jam Music Mechanics 101 Course has been updated and is now available separately from our School Store.  5 modules and 38 lesson units will give you all the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to know to navigate the exciting “alternative-string” worlds.

Check out the Welcome video here:

Learn about:

  • the mysteries of the music alphabet and natural half steps (and even how they relate to nature!)
  • How those black and white keys on a piano relate to your fiddle
  • why major scales are called MAJOR
  • the note number system
  • intervals
  • the chord number system
  • chord symbols
  • chord progressions
  • how to hear chords by ear
  • triads
  • 7th chords
  • arpeggios
  • how to quickly and easily spell (& play) chords on the fly
  • the mechanics behind “that fiddle sound”
  • how to make up easy backup parts to songs
  • how to use pentatonic scales to increase your coolness factor and jam (improvise)
  • easy relative major and minor pentatonic secrets
  • how to glean what you need from the printed page without having to know how to read music
  • and more!  All in the service of keeping your Goosebump factor intact and not letting “Music Theory” get in the way of you having musical JOY!

Purchase now in the School Store!>>FJi Music Mechanics 101 Course


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