Electric Violin pics

Cool violin pics!  See also our Big Bang Fiddle Jam Book images page too!

We’ll start with some of our header logo pics, then move on (below) to other violin pics I just think are cool!
hese first 4 are all instruments I made for our sister site www.OutlawFiddle.com

carbon fiber top

red sparkle carbon fiber top
red sparkle carbon fiber top
Dragon Fiddle
“Hughgo” 6 string violin

Now, just some cool fiddles for your entertainment & inspiration!…

ElectricViolinBlue5R007 evln minimal fancy carve vln FJClinic in BuffaloAt a Fiddle Jam School Clinic with his lime green Ithaca Stringed Instruments 5 string “violect”green vln nice

lime green sabreviolin lt bl evln mark wood 80s Our buddy Heavy Metal violinist Mark Wood back in the 1980’s.
neouvo navaho nsdesigncr4

Ned Steinberger is a genius.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times over the years, and even got to play one of the very early prototypes of this NS model.  If you’re into the futuristic minimal look… this is “it!”  They sound very good too.Shar+Deluxe+Archtop+Electric+Violin+Outfit+Natural_L

This electric violin from Shar is a new find for me.  I think it is an excellent design for artistically mixing the old with the new.  I bought a few of these when Shar decided to discontinue this model (a shame I think).  I sold two and kept one for myself (and later converted it into a 5 string).

stick vln Stingray+SV5+Electric+Violin+Red_L

Another Mark Wood instrument.

strat vln inlay

Nice inlay.


This one’s actually a Cello.


vln FB inlay

Another nice inlay job.

wood bridgidHere’s some more I grabbed off a simple Google image search.vln1 vln2 vln3 vln4 vln5 vln6 vln7 vln9 vln10 vln11 vln12 vln13 vln14 vln15 vln16 vln17 vln18 vln19 vln20 vln21


Hope you are inspired!



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