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Yes, Fiddle Tunes! (see links below to skip directly to lessons)

This section features common tunes you can learn to get introduced into the non-classical world.  Great for beginners.  These are the “Greatest Hits” from my Fiddle Jam Classes and private lessons and can serve as a great “bridge” into the jamming world.

Historically, most of these tunes are a couple hundred years old and are from, or at least influenced by European immigrants in the United Sates.  Remember, most of these are just “silly” fun, and if you know the words or lyrics to them you will see what I mean…

Example: “old joe clark he had a house, 16 stories high, every story of that house, filled with chicken pie!”  huh? …or how about this one: “old joe clark don’t marry that girl, I’ll tell you the reason why, she’ll blow her nose on your corn bread, and call it pumpkin pie!”  eewww…

You see, to “frame” it properly, back in the early 1800’s there were no cars, no electricty, so… no electric lights, no refridgerators, no radios or tv’s… and that means no iPods, gameboys, etc… yikes!  What do you think they did once the sun set? …well, I’d bet that they spent a lot of time entertaining themselves by making up silly songs… the sillier the better!

So have FUN first.  Then we’ll get to more “fancy” versions later.


Tunes covered: see “auto-sort” list of every lesson with the “Fiddle Tune” category assigned to it below.
Also see: Potato Intros and “Shave” endings and Fiddler’s Tab

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