Fiddler’s Tab

”Fiddler’s Tab” (FT) is a notation system for violinists that is popular with non-staff reading fiddler’s and often used by teachers with their beginning students.  I think I myself was taught this system for the first couple of months of my playing back when I was 9 years old.

Simple explanation: Fiddler’s Tab is simply a way to write out music for violin/fiddle where only the string name and finger number (in 1st position only) is used.  The player does not need to know anything more than that!   Example: D1 = the first finger on the D string, A3 = the third finger on the A string, etc… all finger numbers are based on the typical major scale fingering positions, with the “in-between” fingerings being written as EL2 = lowered 2nd finger on the E string, etc… see the chart below.

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