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The Fiddle Jam Institute Song Key Archive or FJISKA is an idea I had very early on when the Fiddle Jam book first came out (2002) but possibly who’s time had not yet come.  Our new FJi website is the perfect venue for it now I think!  What is FJISKA you ask?… FJISKA will be an ever expanding list of song titles and information on what keys & scales to use to improvise over them!  Simple as that.  I realized early on that not every student has a great ear just yet, and sometimes has trouble figuring this info out.  Never fear… Fiddle Jam is here!  ;~)

I, and possibly others, will be here to help!  We will grow this list together. Feel free to request a song/key/scale by filling out the form below.  If you can send us some kind of link to the song (like YouTube, iTunes, etc…) that would be helpful.  I will then post your request to this list with a link to a fingerboard graphic and any special instructions the song my require.  If it is a song that I think others may benefit from learning, I may create an official FJi lesson for it too.

If you are already gifted with a good or experienced ear that can figure out this info, I will also be glad to post your tunes and lists!  If you are a violin oriented recording artist, I will also be happy to post your tunes/keys/links on this list so that our FJi students can see what other violinist/fiddlers are doing too! The Fiddle Jam Institute Song Key Archive: <<::>>

we should also include info on how to find the key and scale on your own.  this could be overviewed here and or a link to a FJi lesson… this could be a course in itself!  teach them how to fish! also created the FJISKA category: this could become an auto sort list for any lesson that I then include in the lesson list/archive… “here’s a list of tunes that originated from the FJISKA list and developed into full FJi lessons!…” also mention that all songs will be in A440 as a standard.

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