Musician’s Health – Food Combining Principles

This one has helped me a lot personally.  I’ve found that knowledge about food combining principles is fairly rare, but actually quite simple.  Following these concepts, I find that my energy through out the day is much more even, and I seem to get sick less, and if I do, recover faster.

The concept: Food Combining Principles are based on the idea that chemically, some food types do not mix very well with other food types in the stomach (and then take much more of the body’s energy to deal with).  Other combinations are much easier and even complimentary to each other, making digestion much easier.  So… proper food combinations allow the body’s energy to be saved for more important things like working on your immune system (which, I’m told, is first to get bumped off your body’s list of energy needs).

The combinations: fruit and vegetables require different stomach chemicals to digest.  These two chemicals cancel each other out!  So, eat your fruit separately, either between meals, or no more than 15 minutes before a meal for optimum digestion efficiency.

Also, starches and proteins do not mix well either.  I know, this one goes completely against most people’s diets!  No meat and potatoes together?!  That’s what I am told.  This means the bread and meat are out too, making sandwiches inefficient, as far as digestion goes.

Good combinations: 1) vegetables and protein (meat, cheese, beans, nuts, etc…) or 2) vegetables and starch (grains, potatoes, etc…), 3) fruits alone.

Basically, if you wouldn’t mix it on your plate, then do not mix it in your stomach! …if you want to have optimum energy for fun things like music-making.

Variations: The Edgar Cayce readings suggested that if you must eat meat and potatoes in the same meal together, then at least eat the starches last.  I personally bend on this one the most (I still like my potatoes with my eggs, I just eat them last).  I’ve also more recently heard from another source that it is actually OK to add the starches to the proteins, and there is something in starches that can help digest proteins.  You be the judge.  …I suggest you be the judge by measuring how these ideas make you actually feel afterward.

Again, use your own common sense when experimenting with these ideas.



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