G Major

Check out the chart, practicing slowly up to each double bar… then, as soon as you are ready try playing along with the “Call & Answer” video below.  It is important to play along with a beat as soon as you can.  Don’t worry, the recording is nice and slow to start.  Better to get a slow groove going than stumble through it fast!  Try not to “flinch”… you’ll know in your gut whether you do or not…

Alternate learning option: You can also use these call & answer tracks to train your ears… try not looking at the chart on the screen, and see if you can “answer” by ear alone!  It is an excellent challenge, but don’t sweat it if you can’t get every note exactly right… remember, the primary mission of the Fiddle Jam Institute is to teach you how to improvise, so in this case, getting something close will do just fine too!

Call & Answer Level 1:


Call & Answer Level 2:


Call & Answer Level 3:

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