Gypsy Sound – Anatomy

 The anatomy of the gypsy sound is characterized by the Harmonic Minor Scale.  Classically trained violinists will probably already know this scale well, but if you are a fiddler, or just used to jamming to rock and blues based music, as I myself was at one time, then this scale might feel (and maybe even sound) a bit strange, or exotic to you.The element that gives this scale its Eastern European fare is primarily the distance between its 6th and 7th notes… which is a step and a half!  This large interval (for a scale) is more common in Far Eastern music, and reminds many of India.  Interestingly, I am told that the gypsies, a nation of people without a country or land to this day, originally came from India!…

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  1. Richard Silverstein October 18, 2015 at 11:05 pm #

    none of the Harmonic Minor tracks are working?

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