Login Fix Ah-Ha

While running tests for the coming new courses (working out how to make course access seamless for all three levels: Public, Free Club, and All Access Pass members), I found a problem that’s probably been wrong for a while now!  

My apologies to all of our Free Fiddle Jam Club members!  When you’ve been logging in, you were most likely getting an “Oopps” page saying something about wrong membership level.  Thankfully, there were links to other parts of the site on that same “Oopps” page that allowed you to get through, but it should be all fixed now!

Chances are that you’ve already seen this improvement if you just logged in (I’m kind of proud if it, if I may say so!).  I created a simple “Welcome Back!” page with two buttons: One for AAP and another for Free members.  These should take you directly to the appropriate start pages for your membership level from now on.

Again, my apologies!  I’m almost always coming in the “back door” of the school to create new content and do administrative stuff, which can tend to make me forget to check on our “front door” and make sure it unlocks and the hinges work!!

So, if any of you ever see something on the site that doesn’t seem quite right, please feel free to shoot me a quick note about it via any of the comment forms throughout the site!  I’ll certainly appreciate it.



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