Loop Jam Tracks fixed 12-21-13

Thanks Francis for pointing it out!  All the audio tracks on our Loops Tracks page were dead.  All fixed now.  See Loop Jam Tracks in all 12 keys.

Loop Tracks are great for trying out new ideas with a rather blank canvas, harmonically speaking.  Just roots and 5ths strummed on a guitar with a simple drum beat.  Over this you can experiment with major’s, minors, pentatonics, modes… or any crazy thing you can invent!  Here’s an example:

PS: I also just upgraded the audio tracks to be also downloadable to your computer for further tempo manipulation in software apps.  Just right click on the hyper linked track titles for options within your browser.

Please, if any of you see any other page problems, by all means feel free to let me know!  There’s getting to be so many posts on the site now that it will become harder and harder for me to police them all!  Weird things sometimes happen in the digital realm… or sometimes I just miss something or mess something up!  ;~))

HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!! Many the coming season bring many happy jams!

Very Sincerely, Geoff (“Fitz”)


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