Make it Dance – practice goal

Make it Dance
Fiddle Jam Institute music philosophy lesson
Again, in my head as soon as I got up.

Learn about the subtleties of bringing the music you play to a level of performance where it both becomes more alive, and at the same time broadening its appeal to the common (hu)man, simply by keeping the idea in mind that nearly all music, at its core function is dance music.

We’re not talking just about playing disco tunes or doing the “electric slide”… though the violin/fiddle can do that too!… some fiddle styles are obviously dances, like the Irish Jigs and Reels… but even Classical music’s Minuets, Gavottes, Bouree’s were dances in their day!  …and if your favorite tune is not an exact dance per se, there definitely is a gift you can give the listening audience by making it more “dance-y” and at least “toe tapping.”

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