MM101-A417 – Is Standard Pitch Correct?

 Standard Pitch (A440).  Where did it come from?  Has the standard changed over time? If so, which one, if there is such a thing, is correct or true?  Does it matter?  If it does matter, how so?  Is there evidence in nature as to what is most natural as to our pitch standards?

This is a fascinating subject for me.  As you will see in the video below (which are all my own ideas, theories, and opinions by the way, and it is OK for you to disagree ;~), I ask these questions and more.  Let me know what YOU think.


So, You can probably guess my thoughts on the subject!… Yes I personally think that today’s “Standard Pitch” of the note A above middle C equalling 440 vibrations per second (A440) is most likely not in line with nature at least. It seems to me that something closer to today’s Ab is most likely more “true” and in line with other natural vibrations (like the 7 colors of our rainbow light spectrum).  I am not alone in thinking this.  I prefer A to be 417 vibrations per second.  Some “New Age” musician’s prefer A=432 and I’m sure that they have their reasons too!

Have fun with it and experiment on your own.  It won’t harm your instrument to tune it differently.  Mine actually LIKES it better.  The sound seems to open up and get bigger when tuning down 1/2 step… gee… maybe that has something to do with standard pitch being about a 1/2 step lower back with the “Stradavari” model and design was being perfected?  Today’s violins and their exacting dimensions where actually meant to be tuned to today’s Ab!!!!


I’d love to hear your opinions on this theory! (Use the form below)

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