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It’s music to strip mine too!

Jam Stuff: Cut 24 from Fiddle Jam Book/CD

Example: Cut 25 from Fiddle Jam Book/CD (see video above)

 No Violin Backing Track:[ca_audio url_mp3=”″ url_ogg=”” download=”true” skin=”regular” align=”none”]

The Blast Off: Fun, pop rock, medium tempo.
Scale: G Blues
Key: G minor
Notes: any, G, Bb, C, D, or, F (and some Db’s thrown in for fun)
EZ-Zone: 0, L2, 3, on the G and D strings
Characteristic: Poking, prodding, and invasive, but still “in.”
Preparation: Go nuts within the EZ-Zone until fairly un-thinking,
Simple: Start and end on a G.  Stay within the EZ-Zone and you can’t go wrong!   Remember, it’s your creation, so play whatever YOU feel sounds good.
Advanced: See/hear “Jam Stuff” on the CD for an idea or two.  Expand to notes outside the EZ-Zone.  Add some Db’s, and slide into your D’s.


Listening Lesson: Listen to the cut without playing (preferably with your eyes closed) and imagine yourself standing on a stage in front of a large crowd playing what you’d like to hear… then go back, and listen again, only this time improvise along, playing as close as you can to what you just imagined.
Troubleshooting: Skipping the 1st finger (as you do in this EZ-Zone) is something some people have trouble with at first.  Make sure to pay special attention to the intonation of your L2nd finger, as it is critical to the sound and feeling of this scale.  If your fingers are in tune, playing this sequence of notes: Bb, G, Bb, G, Bb, Bb, G, C, Bb, G, should sound like the familiar tune children (and some times grown-ups!) sing to each other when they are trying to taunt them into a “na na, you can’t get me” kind of chase.  Can you hear it?  That is the sound (and probably the feeling too) needed for this example.  Other than that: don’t think, be bold, and have some rhythmic fun!


P.J. (Post Jam): Tell yourself (or have someone else tell you) that you are the most talented and amazing creator ever to touch a violin (or your violin, at least!), and are destined for fame and fortune!

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