Ms. McLeod’s Reel

Description: Here’s a good one that quickly became one of my personal favorites.  Pronounced: Miss Mic-Cloud’s Reel I’m told. Completely D major… nothing but.  This one’s a little more challenging, as it requires some speed to start sounding fun and more “dance-able” (a “reel” is an Irish dance, by the way).  Traditionally players play these types of tunes over and over until the dancers are done (which is an excellent reason why you might want to try the “lilting” thing below… just to break it up from sounding like the same thing over and over… which of course… it is. ;~)

Jam-along: Jamming is another way to “stretch” this tune out while the dancers do their thing of course!  D major scale does the trick.  Hint: be nimble with it, just like the actual melody and you should sound great!

Advanced: try “lilting” this one with your voice!  “Lilting” is the practice of singing the melody with made up syllables.. like: “dum, dee, diddly dee,” etc… not unlike scat singing in Jazz!

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