Music Mechanics & Theory

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“Theory*” is such a scary word for some.  “Mechanics” has way less fright factor… it is simply “the way things work” … musically speaking… explained in a clear and easy to understand, no-nonsense way as possible!

*The word theory, to me, means an unproven concept or belief… which makes no sense when applied to music, does it?  Though the philosophy of music is opinion and theory, the mechanics of music work in set ways.  Plain and, in general, pretty simple.  Your beliefs and feelings about music might be more in the theoretical realms, but not mechanics.  We’ll cover that stuff elsewhere.

Topics to be covered: (I’ll update the links to these lessons as I upload and edit them!).

>Chord Speller – Learn how to quickly and easily spell chords on the fly!
>natural notes
>Why Major is MAJOR (a BIG deal)!
>1/2 & whole steps
>The Note Number System
>Drone strings
>diatonic triads
>chord symbols
>pentatonic scales
>chord number system & I – IV – V
>key signatures
>time signature
>the golden rule of all music notation & theory – What’s it FOR?
>A417 – Is Today’s Standard Pitch correct?
>Fiddler’s Tab
>Harmonica Tricks for Violin – thinking in a different key
>9ths, 11ths &13ths – Second Octave Intervals


Here an auto generated list of every post that has the Music Mechanics category assigned to it!  They might not all be lessons that are directly Music Mechanics or Music Theory, but have at least some element where these subjects are addressed or further experienced.

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