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If you are not healthy, you will not play music as well as you could.  Right?  It seems obvious.  There are MANY aspects to being “healthy” though!  …not just physical health, but also mental, emotional, spiritual, and more!

I will report my experiences here.

*Disclaimer: Of course… I am NOT telling you what you should or should not do as to your health… only you can decide these things for yourself.  I recommend doing your homework, and checking with many sources before making your own informed decisions as to your health.

Rolfing Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Homeopathic Medicine
Food Combining Principles
Barefoot Therapies
Fermented foods


Sound Healing – a newer technique that musician’s might find easy to understand & accept, using specific frequencies over certain body areas, generated by tuning forks.
Alexander Technique – does curling your big toe inside your shoe effect the way your pinky plays a trill?
Therapeutic Massage – more than touch-y feel-y very corrective for musicians!
Physical Therapy – fixing the body with expert guidance.
Numerology – do your numbers mean anything in life or music?  Are they related?
Meditation – calm the mind for better improvisation and performance
Yoga – strengthening from within.
Muscle training – specifics for musicians
ChiKung – Eastern energy arts
TaiChi – ancient and gentle, soothing mind and body, meditation in motion.
Akido – “redirecting force” as a way of life.
Mirror Imaging Therapy – we violinists spend years twisting our bodies in certain ways. Try the body undo.
Regression Therapy – is there such a thing as past lives & Could this explain “natural” music abilities?
Herbs – nature’s way to chemical balance.
Vitamins – sometimes it is just chemistry, man-made.
Astrology – do the stars effect your personality and how you play music?
Auras – seeing & feeling them, and how this subtle energy awarenes can effect your music making.

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Feel free to send along any info, questions, or suggestions that you feel might benefit other musicians too!

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