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Welcome to the Fiddle Jam Institute “My Path” survey.

Answering these questions about yourself can help me learn more about you, and how you learn, so I can recommend specific lessons, or types of lessons, or even develop new kinds of lessons, just for learners like you! Your answers are all voluntary. Feel free to skip a question if you are not sure, or are not comfortable answering it (or just think it’s too darned silly! ;~).  Your answers will also be kept completely confidential.

Upon completion, we will send you our personalized recommendations for study at the Fiddle Jam Institute based on your answers here. In our experience, getting to know each other a little bit seems to help the learning process be more efficient, fruitful, progress more smoothly, and be more fun!

Talk soon,


PS: I am expecting that some of these questions might seem fairly non-musical or even “out there” to you!  Again, there is no requirement to answer them all. Hint: Some of them are actually the beginning of your Fiddle Jam Institute education, by making you think outside the box! ;~)

PPS: If you want to, you can skip this personal My Path survey and go directly to our “My Path” learning tracks  for some self-guided DIY-style FJi studying too.

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My Path

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