Newsletter Late July 2016

Welcome to another installment of the Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter! 

Welcome newest club members: Nisith, Joyce, Allan, Daniel, Rachel, John, Sally, Jeanne, Allyson, Alex!!!

May you all have many joyful and happy jams!

Newsletter Topics Below
1)  Open Office Hour on Facebook Live 2) Scales and Arpeggios 3) JACO movie 4) Gorillaz tune lesson review


1) Live Open Office Hour this Friday @ 8:15pm EST (US) via Facebook Live on Fiddle Jam Institute Facebook page! You must “Like” our Facebook/Fiddle Jam Institute page ahead of time to be able to view this Live video event.  Please do that now if you have not already.  PS: The video will stay up on the FJi/FB page indefinitely for your replay, so not a biggie if you can’t make it, but it will be more fun with live people watching and commenting!


Sorry non-Facebook-er’s, you must have a Facebook account to view this… if I can get an idea of how many of our members are NOT on Facebook, I could do the work to copy the video from Facebook to FJi and YouTube… send me a comment or reply to let me know if you are NOT on Facebook and would be interested in this Open Office Hour… which, I think, may technically only be a half hour by FB allowances, but we’ll try it this way at least!!<<::>>

Also: reply or comment to me what you might want or need me to cover in the Live session.  I’m thinking about talking about ways to practice improv and be more prepared for it.  Does that interest you?  Not?  Have another question or idea?  Feel free to let me know via any avenue… Facebook, YouTube, or FJi post comments, or email.  I’m looking forward to it!! ;~)))

2) FIDDLE JAM NEWS: I am reviewing the second column I did for iFiddle Magazine as a preview for the upcoming Open Office Hour.  See Scales and Arpeggio practice.  Let me know if you have any questions about the 3 levels of improv I talk about here. I’ll be glad to cover that in more detail!

 3) I just watched the movie on one of my main “inspirators” last night. JACO.  It is on NetFlix.  It’s a documentary, produced by Metallica’s bassist about the late great Jaco Pastorius.  For those of you who do not know who Jaco was, he changed the bass playing game in a way that it will never be the same.  Sadly he passed at an early age (34) after a few years with severe mental illness.  Highly recommended.  

4) Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz.  Im reviewing random lessons I produced in the past.  Have you seen this one?  I did it by request.

Check out the newest lessons posts (they are always listed at the bottom of each page on the site!)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel very free to post them below.  I love to hear from you!

Talk soon!


PS: If the contact form (that is supposed to be below) does not appear in your browser, click here to send me a message instead.

Remember, if you ever want off of this list, just let me know!  I’m not looking to spam anyone with unwanted inbox intrusions.  I’ll most likely be sending this out a couple times a month as we head into this new phase… maybe just a little more when there’s something new going on.  Till next time!


FJI Newsletter, Late July 2016



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