Paradigm Shift in Medicine?

Today, listening to NPR morning edition while I drove, I caught the tail end of a segment about how researchers are at the very beginning of understanding that “friendly” bacterial organisms living inside of us could actually be linked to curing all kinds of things… even possibly autism! ? ! ?  They also mentioned that this represented a major paradigm shift in medicine.

How awesome is that!!!???  This is exactly what most “health nuts” such as myself have been hoping to hear for decades (if not centuries)!

I personally drink my home grown Kefir daily and ingest a good quality yogurt often too, exactly with this in mind.  Science is now at the very beginnings of “coming around” to what many have experienced and known for themselves for far too long.

One of our very own Fiddle Jam Institute students (and my personal friend) Bill F. is a professional nurse who had a severe history with intestinal disorders with his doctor wanting to REMOVE parts of his colon at one point!  …Bill thought that there was something missing, and did a little research of his own, and found out about Kefir, and decided to give it a try… he had nothing to loose… except his colon!… Once he started drinking the kefir, his intestinal troubles were gone in 5 days!

The sad part is, that thrilled as he obviously was, his doctor did not want to even know anything about it!… maybe that era is beginning to end?  I personally hope so!


PS: what does this have to do with music? 1) unhealthy people rarely play healthy music (or even WANT to play music at ALL!).  2) musicians regularly experience community.  We are as diverse as any community, yet somehow we can find common ground in a pulse and key center, and play something that is good for us all!  Medicine has, for too long, been too isolated and elitist (in my opinion).  Musician’s, lead the way!  Medicine, and science in general, is primed to listen to us finally!


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