Conflation Electronica Violin Album

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Conflation Electronica Violin CD

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Style: Electronica Hip Hop Violin.  10 – tracks + 11th bonus track

I am so proud of this CD!  I did it with the great producer/drummer Darrel Nutt (who, in full disclosure, also happens to be my nephew ;~).  Nepotism aside, I’ve had the privilege of playing with some of the best drummers in the world… Darrell is on par with any of them!

Many of these tracks started out as mix and matched loops I was arranging late at night in hotel rooms, while on the road with our Gypsy Jazz group Babik.  The approach was simply one of: “…Oooohhh… that sounds neat!… I can’t wait to get home in front of a mic and add some fiddle to that!”  I would take them as far as I could when I got home and then send the tracks to Darrell for edits and additions.

Officially Conflation has been released on Darrell’s Label: Translucent Records and is available on about a dozen or more internet retailers, including iTunes.  I will offer it here as a download to our Fiddle Jam Institute members at a discount.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I!

Here’s a Sound Clip Collage:

PS: Electric Violin icon Jean Luc Ponty gave this album thumbs up saying I was a serious violinist and Darrell a very talented producer!  How cool is THAT?! :~)))))))))


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