Fiddle Jam Book – Single Lesson #6 – Contra Dance

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Fiddle Jam Book Single Lesson #6

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Line up your partners now, it’s plain and simple!  Based on a folk music style contra dance tune, this jam lesson #6 from the original Fiddle Jam Book uses the easy D major scale.  Just simply play whatever YOU feel will sound good to these tracks to begin developing your improv experience!  Includes an audio bundle of the original “Jam Stuff” (verbal explanation), & “Jam Example” (band backing track with improv example played by the author… Jam along with Geoff!), and a bonus track not included on the original book’s CD of the “Jam Backing Track” only, for when you are ready to “go it alone.”  Text instructions also teach how to approach improvisation over this track in the easiest possible ways, with “listening lesson” suggestions, “troubleshooting”, and general fun encouragement to make your experience as positive as possible.  Also included is a violin fingerboard graphic showing the “EZ-Zone” fingering box and the more advanced “outside the box” notes that will also fit to this track when you are ready.


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