Red Haired Boy

Here’s I cool tune that I have become rather enamored with lately.  The A section and the B sections are almost identical… only one line different from each other, so once you learn the A section you’ll practically have the whole tune down!  Below are 3 versions, EZ to more advanced.

There are quite a few versions of this song out there, it also goes by another names sometimes: “Red Haired Irishman” and “Little Beggarman.”  I could try to teach as many of those as I can I guess, but when I heard fiddler Ian Walsh play this Celtic flavored,  bluesy, funky, version I decided to start and end right there!  No sense in goofing around, let’s just get to the cool version right away!  Right?  Thanks Ian!

3 Charts: Basic/Jammer Level (simple tune), Intermediate/Gigger Level (tune with a few twists), advanced/Artist Level (plus double stops and drones).

Music Mechanics and Jamming: Key of A with some Blues notes thrown in in this version.  Jamming 101 = A blues scale, Jamming 102 = A major Pentatonic scale, Jamming 103 = “MixoBluesian” scale (Major Pent. and Blues mixed).  Many play-along tracks included in this lesson too!

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    • Nat Helms August 11, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

      Hey kumquat,

      You do good… enjoyed… great name too.

      St Charles, MO

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