Rosin from 1863!

1863 Rosin


Pretty cool!  I was on a local piano & violin holiday art show gig here in Gainesville Florida today, and got gifted this hunk of Civil War rosin from 1863!  The man who gave it to me was one of the artists in the show who specializes in wooden furniture and kitchen products made from “River Timber” that is reclaimed from river bottoms.  I’ve heard of manufacturers making drums and other instruments from such wood before.  Evidently, this man read some history of the Southern soldiers trying to hide rosin from the north, as it was a hard to get commodity in the north.  The history books tell of them burying some and dumping more into the St. Mary River.  This intrigued the furniture man who, I assume is quite used to diving in rivers for treasure (although usually for wood).  He told me he looked at old maps, did a dive, and found it!  He likes to give away these hunks to people he runs into who may appreciate, or even use it, he said.  Thanks Rick!  Check out River Bottom Timber’s FaceBook page here.

I’ll try some on a bow and let you know the results. <<::>>

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  1. Nat Helms December 8, 2014 at 11:21 am #

    Very cool. Enough rosin for a lifetime.

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