Secret Trick to Creative Greatness

In creative endeavors, technique is helpful, but not at all necessary.  Raw creative expression is as simple as playing or doing something simple, completely on purpose, with complete inner authority.  This is something that someone who has never played a note before can do in their first day, if they have a bit of a knack for it, and sadly, something that a very experienced player still may not be able to achieve if they were never taught to pay attention to this most important inner game; the game that brings beauty and meaning to creativity… in music, or any other art form.
The secret trick to creative greatness is to think as little as possible about the physical technique (admittedly, this may take a bit of practice*), then simply listen within to what you desire your creation to sound like, look like, or feel like, and, to the best of your abilities, do that, follow that, and… BE that.  In my experience, there really is very little else to do that holds any lasting significance.

*Yes, in my experience, I have yet to hear someone who is just beginning, play with flawless intonation, articulation, or overall technique.  To do that obviously and logically takes some amount of unavoidable practice, BUT… in my experience I HAVE heard many who can do a pretty credible job of playing something that is fun and at least rhythmic with only a few MINUTES of instruction!  Developing this inner connectedness is the “soapbox” that I often stand on and is a cornerstone of the Fiddle Jam Method!  Knowing of this ultimate goal as you learn and practice greatly speeds your path to musical greatness!  I’ve said it before…

“to KNOW the goal, makes it obviously much easier to GET to the goal!” ;~)

The first goal of any musician, in my opinion, should not be virtuosity, but obedience.

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