Shuffle Rhythm

Now we get to the really cool stuff! SHUFFLE RHYTHM * (my personal favorite)

*Note: Shuffle Rhythm is not to be confused with shuffle bowing from old-time fiddling style music which is many times taught as “potato-potato,” “run pony-run pony” or, “grasshopper- grasshopper” in beginning violin classes or, staff-wise:Potato run pony

What we’ve done up to this point in the Boogie Woogie Section examples has all been what’s called “straight” rhythm. Each syllable and note was exactly the same length in metronomic precision. Written on the staff, it is generally represented by eighth notes:BW straight rhythm ex

(see “Fancy Boogie Woogie” as an example).

If I was to explain “straight” rhythm in more visual terms, it would look like this:…

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