Some days it’s just not happening

It’s true, in general, I feel pretty blessed that creatively things flow for me pretty easily. I can do videos without a script, I can play solos over just about any kind of music, I can talk to just about anyone… but some days, for some reason, or multiple reasons possibly, it just is not flowing. Why, could be for many different reasons, no one that can be confirmed really. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep, maybe I didn’t eat right, go to the bathroom enough, get that needed chiropractic adjustment, or the stars are just aligned in the wrong way… We may never know, but it is wise to just accept it sometimes, back up, and take a break, breathe, and not fuss too much about it. It happens. The danger, is thinking that it might be a permanent condition, and it’s easy to fall into that worry if you let yourself, but it has never been based on any reality or truth in my experience. Rock star Sting once said it best in an interview I heard, saying that these things happen in natural cycles, and when you’re in the down swing of the cycle, do not freak out, work harder to learn new things, and get prepared for the cycle that will inevitably swing back up! And when it does you’ll have more tools to work with.… Or at least a greater understanding and appreciation for when things are flowing well. Just a thought for the day. Leave me some comments if you like this or have something to share about this subject.

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