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Course participants: Send me your YouTube links whenever you are ready and I’ll post them to the blog.

So far I’ve gotten Anders, Tom and Lisa’s.  Nice job all!  This is too cool.

Since this is the first time doing this, we are working out the kinks as we go.  I hadn’t thought of WHERE you can/should leave encouraging comments for your fellow Fiddle Jammers… you could leave them on YouTube below each video I guess, but that would be a lot of internet bouncing around for you.  I’m thinking that I will just embed them in the blog (let me know if that’s NOT OK with you, and we’ll keep it private just between you and me), and you can leave comments in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the blog post.  I’m open to all your thoughts on this.

One other YouTube particular is whether you set your video to “private,” “unlisted” or “public.”  I can not see if it is set to private.  I can see it if “unlisted” but as I found out with Tom B’s I can not then embed it in the blog.  So, the “Public” setting is the most versatile, as long as you are OK with anyone seeing your homework.  “Unlisted” it OK with me too.  Whatever you are comfortable with!

Here’s the link:

Geoff (“Fitz”)

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