Sweet Sustenance – Gypsy Tune

Description: A Geoff Perry original ballad that first appeared on Babik’s American Gypsy CD.  This tune is one of those that seemed to write itself.  Improvising over this one is more advanced (see below).

Jamming: Over all this song uses the G harmonic minor scale with a few twists.  In the A sections, the Ab chord needs to be acknowledged.  In the Bridge, following the changes works best.  This is kind of tough, but just takes more mental focus to pull it off.  The chromatic bass notes really help drive this section and will help drive your solo too when you at least acknowledge them.  Don’t be afraid to get more bluesy in the last A section using the G blues scale.

Check out the exercises below to really put yourself “through the paces” to get to the rather tricky point of staying in a more un-thinking mental state, while also still “knowing what you are doing” on this song.  If you are “quick on your feet” and can chromatically slide your fingers around to include notes that are not in the overall key (G harmonic minor), then you could try just “going for it” right away (as is actually suggested in the later exercises).

Basic Song Form: AABA

Babik’s Recording’s Song Form: A A B A for head and solos, skip to the Bridge after the last solo.


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