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Creativity is a brain muscle to be flexed and strengthened every day.  Children are naturally free and creative, but it is also well documented that by the age of 8 or 9 (the usual age they start playing in school), they are well on their way to having their natural creative urges squashed!

Children are probably the most fertile ground we have on this planet.  Plant the seeds.  Self esteem, confidence, trust, authority, obedience, concentration, relaxation, are just some of the positive words that come up because of improvisation.  There is mounting evidence that improvising actually enhances  neurological growth in certain parts of the brain (and that’s a permanent benefit!).  Therapy, healing, attention disorders, mood enhancement, just keeping a kid interested rather than quitting is worth the try.

My Motto: “Start ‘em young and put smiles on their faces.”

…and, of course, I could, but need I say more?


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