The Joy of Awareness – G.F. Perry tune

Jazz in the Latin Bossa Nova style.  Babik performed this song in our live shows for a while, but it did not end up on any of our CD’s.  It’s still a good tune for study I think though.  Enjoy!

Improv: AABA song form with the A sections being straight G major scale stuff.  The B section, or “Bridge” as it is often called, is an altered “rhythm changes” bridge with “tri-tone substitutions“… it starts, like most Rhythm Changes bridges, on the III chord (B7) and descends by 1/2 steps.  This kind of descending bridge thing can also be seen in famous songs like “I’m Beginning to See the Light.”  Improv over these chords can really only be successfully done by playing with the Mixolydian scale of each chord…

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