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BVC All Audio Tracks in One Place

Here’s all the audio track play-alongs from the whole Blues Violin Course in one place.  Note: These things vary from browser to browser and computer to computer, but if you’d like to download any of these audio files onto your computer or mobile device, try right clicking, or control>clicking

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BVC All Fingering Charts

Here is all the fingerboard charts we used in the whole Blues Violin Course on one page for you.  Feel free to print these out for easy reference. Blues Scales A Blues: Box Blues, Low Down Blues, Bug Blues, Back-Tie Blues, Brother Blues, Bop Blues (Alt tuning) B Blues: BB

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How To Make Your Own ITSO Tracks

Asked, suggested, requested by a member… How can you make your own ITSO (In-The-Style-Of) tracks?  It’s really not that hard or technical really.  There is two ways to go about it for your own uses really… Create them on the fly with a LOOPER and some electronic EFFECTS, or Pre-arrange

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BVC The Monday Blues

Song #11 in our Blues Violin Course gets much Jazzier with the “west coast” sound of T-Bone Walker! Intro to the lesson: “In-Between” “Passing” Chords, the “Climb,” Arpeggios, Leading Tones… we are going deeper on this one! Performance video: Song Form: melody 2x, solo 2x, melody 1x Play-along

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