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Swamp Fiddle for iFiddle Magazine

Here’s my April 2016 column for iFiddle Magazine called “Swamp Fiddle.”  What’s Swamp Fiddle you may ask?  It’s my favorite!  Watch the videos to find out! Promotional Video: Join our free Fiddle Jam Club to see the whole lesson!  It’s free!  Just click here.Here’s my April 2016

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iFiddle Mag Chord Basics Lesson

Here’s a lesson  provided for about understanding chord basics and ways to implement them on your fiddle without having to think about them too hard. Enjoy! Want to see the full lesson?  Find out about our membership options by clicking here. Here’s a lesson  provided for about

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iFiddle Blues Scale Magic

In partnership with iFiddle Magazine, I’ve produced this lesson on two different, two-finger, two-string fingerboard patterns (I call “EZ-Zones”) that allow you to play 10 different Pentatonic scales very easily.  Pentatonics are great for getting started with anything from creatively spicing up your fiddle tunes, to outright improvisation in

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iFiddle 2 – Scales, Arpeggios & Practice

Here’s a nice little video, the second I’ve done for Mike Spears’, featuring my thoughts on scales, arpeggios and what part practice plays in improvisation.  …you may be surprised at my answer!  I’m actually rather proud of this unscripted piece.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from it!  

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