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Ragtime Annie

Ragtime Annie has come our way thanks to a member’s request of her favorite tune!  I have quite a few audio lesson and play-along tracks below, starting with  a talk-thru and super-slow version (1 & 2).  Always an excellent reference, the Fiddler’s FakeBook (Oak Publications) has a version that I’ve

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E minor Tabla Jam

Here’s a new one I created in GarageBand for a student’s Call & Answer session recently.  It worked very well for her!  This particular student is a super-smart teen who is going to college early and has a very developed left/logical side of her brain… so much so that she

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Moonlight Drive Jam Track

I first created this jam-along track for inclusion in a lesson I did for iFiddle Magazine on the Magic of Blues Scales.  It is “in-the-style-of” the great electric violin icon Jean Luc Ponty and a rough take-off of the tune “Sunset Drive” on his “Taste for Passion” album (with

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Beethoven’s Oven

Here’s a tune that I’ve become a bit enamored with lately.  It is the first section of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, the 2nd Movement.  I of course, had heard it many times before, but it didn’t really get on my radar for our uses here until hearing a Bashar (the spirit

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iFiddle Mag Chord Basics Lesson

Here’s a lesson  provided for about understanding chord basics and ways to implement them on your fiddle without having to think about them too hard. Enjoy! Want to see the full lesson?  Find out about our membership options by clicking here. Here’s a lesson  provided for about

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