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Three G Major Jams

G major is a go-to key not just for violin but cello and viola too.  Here’s three good ones that should get you going nicely.  Three different styles and tempos. Rarest Rose: sweet ballad, great jam to start with! G Jam: fun pop rock groove Raven’s Daughter:

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Three B Blues Scale Jams

B Blues is a good one on the fiddle too!  simple EZ-Zone is 0-1-3 on the A & E strings.  Just start and end on the B note to get started and you’ll be fine! B Gone: in the style of BB King’s “The Thrill is Gone.” B Tuff

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Three E Blues Scale Jams

Here’s three solid jams that use the E Blues scale.  Super EZ-Zone fingering: 0-1-3 on the D & A strings will definitely get you going on these! E12: Standard 12 bar blues E Funki: E blues scale on the funky side E minor Piano Funk: New

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Three Blues Tunes – Learning Path

Nothin’ much beats the Blues if you had to pick just one thing to learn! Blues is the foundation that all popular music of the last 100+ years stands on! Join as a registered member to see more of this lesson! Nothin’ much beats the Blues if you had to

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Experience Path – Three Cajun-Zydeco Tunes

Here’s three killer Cajun/ Zydeco tunes that will get your audience hoppin’!  All of them are technically pretty easy, but you can also get pretty deep with them too.  The most authentic improv over these kinds of tunes will use the Major Pentatonic scale of each passing chord for best

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