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Open Office Hours

Welcome to the Open Office Hours Archive! This is a new feature for the Fiddle Jam Institute and, I have to admit, an idea that I stole from a major music merchandizer I’ve worked for in the past… but it is a good one!  Open Office Hours are a

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Truck Talks

“A great time to do some thinking out-loud!” My life is such that I spend quite a bit of time driving.  I often get inspired and get out my voice recorder in an effort to share my thoughts, stories, and bits of wisdom… sometimes as I work them out on

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Artist Level Learning Path

Artist Level 3 – Takin’ it all the way… the freestylin’ quest! The ideal Artist Level student will be a good High School player, an experienced fiddler looking to expand styles, a FJi Gigger Level graduate, or the Classical Crossover who is fairly open and unafraid to try new things.

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Gigger Level Learning Path

Gigger Level 2 – Learn to play the Cool Stuff – the Easy Way!  Designed as a Level 2 improv learning path to prepare you for actual gigs, these materials use a little more entry level Music Mechanics by introducing the Note Number system with the idea of helping

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New-Bee Jammer – Learning Path

The New-Bee Jammer (“Jammer” level 1) – Your private violin lessons just not fun enough?  Don’t quit!  Just add Fiddle Jam!  For the student who just wants to experience the “Joy of the Jam” in the EZ-est “low impact,” fun, and un-scary way, and foster the prized “non-thinking creative

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Classical Cross-Over – Learning Path

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from having a little fun!   It’s super easy once you are coaxed to just crack open that creative door! The Classical Cross-Over– (assumes good technique, good reader, some previous theory knowledge, but little or no experience in getting away from

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