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A Fusion of Rock and Jazz and other styles popularized in the mid to late 1970’s.

Gamalon Billy’s Saloon Footage from 1988

I stumbled onto this Gamalon footage from 1988 today.  That’s me on a home-made violin I called EVI (minus the gray hair we see today!).  I had probably been in the band about a year at this point, but you can readily hear how developed our sound was even in

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Moonlight Drive Jam Track

I first created this jam-along track for inclusion in a lesson I did for iFiddle Magazine on the Magic of Blues Scales.  It is “in-the-style-of” the great electric violin icon Jean Luc Ponty and a rough take-off of the tune “Sunset Drive” on his “Taste for Passion” album (with

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iFiddle 2 – Scales, Arpeggios & Practice

Here’s a nice little video, the second I’ve done for Mike Spears’, featuring my thoughts on scales, arpeggios and what part practice plays in improvisation.  …you may be surprised at my answer!  I’m actually rather proud of this unscripted piece.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from it!  

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Lesson Lists By Style

Cornerstone Styles: Jazz: Straight Ahead, American Standards, BeBop, Gypsy Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazz Fusion Blues: Chicago, Memphis, Peidmont, Delta Rock: Classic, Pop, Punk, Grunge, Metal, Roots, Rock n Roll, Country Rock, Progressive Rock Country: Modern Country, Country & Western, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes, Old Time Fiddle Other style isms,

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