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E minor Tabla Jam

Here’s a new one I created in GarageBand for a student’s Call & Answer session recently.  It worked very well for her!  This particular student is a super-smart teen who is going to college early and has a very developed left/logical side of her brain… so much so that she

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Three G Major Jams

G major is a go-to key not just for violin but cello and viola too.  Here’s three good ones that should get you going nicely.  Three different styles and tempos. Rarest Rose: sweet ballad, great jam to start with! G Jam: fun pop rock groove Raven’s Daughter:

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Lesson Lists By Style

Cornerstone Styles: Jazz: Straight Ahead, American Standards, BeBop, Gypsy Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazz Fusion Blues: Chicago, Memphis, Peidmont, Delta Rock: Classic, Pop, Punk, Grunge, Metal, Roots, Rock n Roll, Country Rock, Progressive Rock Country: Modern Country, Country & Western, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes, Old Time Fiddle Other style isms,

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My Path Suggested Learning Studies

By member request, here’s some suggested learning”Paths” for you do some self-guided DIY-style FJi studying.  These are not designed to be intensive or all-inclusive like our 4-week FJi Courses (currently being developed & to be sold separately in the FJi School Store), but should get you going on a learning

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No Exit Strategy – Conflation CD Lesson

Fun stuff!  Opening cut off my “Conflation” Translucent Records CD.  Standard A440 tuning.  All G minor… G Dorian to be exact, though I threw in a few G blues scale notes here and there too.  Simple melody (see Chart below) is loosely improvised throughout the song.  Ad lib as you

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Monster High!

Popular kid’s TV show theme.  Transcribed by request.  I bumped it up 1/2 step from the original (Eb minor) to the much more “fiddle-friendly” E minor.  I also manipulated the original soundtrack audio below to match the key of our chart (you’re welcome :~). Improvisation on this one… there is

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